LedaFlow® Products

All LedaFlow products are sold via Kongsberg Digital. The following products are available:

LedaFlow Engineering 1D

Advanced transient multiphase flow simulator that models the dynamics of multiple fluid phases within wells and pipe networks.

Can be used by multiple disciplines throughout the project lifecycle to address gas/liquid, thermal, solid and integrity management challenges.

LedaFlow Point Model

Provides estimates of liquid volume fractions, pressure gradient and flow regimes at a single point in a pipeline or a well based on local conditions.

Available as a plug-in to third party steady-state software.

LedaFlow Integrated

Transient engine that can be plugged into dynamic process simulators to create:

  • Integrated Engineering Simulators
  • Operator Training Simulators (OTS)
  • Production Management Systems (PMS)
  • Virtual Flow Metering Systems (VFMS)

Has a published standard API that currently links to Kongsberg’s K-Spice and is open to link to 3rd party software.

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Consulting Services with LedaFlow®

Kongsberg Digital has a team of experienced LedaFlow Consultants ready to work closely with you at all stages of a project from concept, through FEED and detailed design and into operations. We provide expert services which enable you to maximise the value of LedaFlow on your project. Read more about our consulting services with LedaFlow.

LedaFlow® Courses & Workshops

Kongsberg Digital provides workshops and trainings to teach you how to use LedaFlow. Trainings and workshops are offered:

  • As an on-site course (up to 8 participants per trainer)
  • By participating in a scheduled course at Kongsberg’s offices

Read more about LedaFlow courses and workshops

LedaFlow® Support

LedaFlow includes on-line documentation which describes how to use the software and the methodology behind it.

License holders have access to support through ledaflow@kdisupport24.com

As LedaFlow is developing rapidly with the ambition to be the easiest and most efficient multiphase simulator we are keen to receive all users’ suggestions for improvements and new features. This can also be sent to the support email and will be logged in our development system tagged to the clients’ company name so we can report when the features are included in a new release.